New Beginnings

An excerpt from the Artist Statement of my new work:

A clean slate, a new beginning. This is the place I find myself in the end of 2016.

A new material, a new process. I’ve had plans for a large scale art exhibit for children and it is from that idea the presentation of this work was born. Using acrylic sheets as my substrate, slowly building layers, as well as mulling some of my own pigments, I’ve made an effort to really experience and savor the process. Applying layer after layer, these tools and techniques help to create art that is built up and changing just like our lives and our world. As our experiences and choices shape and change our lives, by building a painting on a transparent surface you can look back through the different “experiences” and see where the painting started - literally. On the reverse side the very first layers are visible, either completely different or subtly transitioning to the finished painting. It is a beginning we can look back to. Some areas are still translucent - blurring the lines and transporting us between our memories, our current experiences and our future. Other areas are more harshly chipped away revealing those areas of the past that are unwanted visitors in our mind or perhaps glimpses of happy memories that get us through our trying times. This dual painting effect creates more than one viewpoint and invites both natural and artificial light to become a part of the experience.

A meaningful visual to uplift the spirit and bring peace to our souls - Art. That is what this art seeks to achieve, that is what we need today. In a world that is too fast paced, we need meaningful connection with art, with people, and with life.

Read a little more about this piece here