Figurative Paintings of the Past Have a New Meaning

Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing everyone much success and happiness in the new year. With the fresh start I wanted to talk a little bit about where my past figurative paintings came from. I don't typically like to give a lot of details about my thoughts during a painting so each person can form their own opinions and experience, and I will try not to do that here either.

The painting I'm going to talk about today is NO CONNECTION. Like I've mentioned before, I had no idea what the future held for me when I painted these and how much I would truly experience in a very real way many of the paintings like I would have never expected. I painted and named this several years (maybe there was some Smashing Pumpkins influence in that name - I don't know - ha!)

The past year was an incredibly difficult and just downright unbelievable experience, to which a resoution hasn't fully been seen yet. But talking about No Connection - it's kind of a common emotion for a lot of people I believe - to put at it's most literal sense.. looking in the mirror and thinking "Who is this, What happened, Where did I go?" What ever level one may experience this on, it may not be with yourself but with your life or your environment or your world. Really nothing is guaranteed and things can change so quickly. Through difficult situations it can be so incredibly easy to disconnect - especially when faced with hardship, sickness, ignorance and judemental remarks, simple lack of understanding, comprehension or empathy, the discovery of things, places, habits, and/or people that are unhealthy for you or even your own internal voice or combination of some or all of these things.

I feel we do need to be connected with our home, our planet, our food and our special people in our lives and maybe we need to try harder to RE-CONNECT, even if that means something different than before. Whatever way you may be feeling disconnected, may 2016 be the year we can RE-DEFINE AND RE-CONNECT.