That darn hole!

So the title of this painting is Self-Inflicted. I will just talk about this one through the filter of my recent experiences which is probably all I can do anyway - although these were certainly the ideas behind the painting originally - for me it is a different interperation today than it was then. That hole, the one we keep getting dragged into, no matter how hard we try to get out of - or stay out of! Why is it so hard when we try SO hard - life can pull you down, things beyond your control can pull you down, choices you make pull you down! Sometimes it's as if no amount of positive thinking can help, no amount of prayer, no great efforts to avoid it can help, no amount of knowldedge can help - Or maybe we are just staring at it, teetering on the edge - will we fall into it? will we go this way or that and CHOOSE to fall? Can we help but sink into it? Ultimately is it just a constant climb out of it? It's just hard work and our daily task to climb and climb or fight the unseen forces with that constant tug on our health and well being, or our attitude, or our fears, or our hopes or whatever it may be for you. Let's stare the hole down and don't let it pull us in, let's climb out and triumph over these things!

That is all for today-